15 reasons why you should date a baker

The nation’s relationship using the Great British Bake Off has actually showcased the skill, creativeness and love of bakers. We requested the buddies on Hummingbird Bakery to express their particular top reasons why you need to give consideration to online dating a baker (if the possibility arise)…


1. They’re going to offer you no-cost dessert. Definitely the most effective reason up to now a baker. Obtaining involved romantically with a person who is cooking inclined will land numerous delicious baked goods in your lap continuously. And all lovingly created by their particular reasonable hand

2. They truly are imaginative. A lot of bakers tend to be competent decorators also and are also comfortable articulating their own artsy area. Frosting is their paint and meal is the material. Count on cute snacks with your title on it.

3. They’ve excellent taste. All those cakes, cupcakes and pastries train bakers to have a superior palate. Exactly who better to come with you for an enchanting dinner day?

4. They can carry hefty things. All of that whisking, whipping, lifting and stirring provides them with great chest muscles energy under those aprons!

5. Your family members will like all of them. When a baker informs you exactly what work is actually, you usually hear a chorus of “oohs” and “aahs”. Their skills will wow the household if they bring a homemade dessert along.

6. They’re great at soon after instructions. Working to a dish means they’re able to take way and additionally they think systematically.

7. These are typically group users. The heat of this ovens and active kitchens indicate that bakers are extremely considerate to other people and constantly work with treatment and regard.

8. They can be prepared. Xmas gift suggestions purchasing for the entire family? Reserving an anniversary holiday away? You’ll be able to count on the baker to prioritise tasks and come up with preparation a piece of cake.

9. These are generally very inspired. It takes a particular style of individual get fully up very at the beginning of the early morning some folks are nestled up during intercourse. And they’re going to have probably baked a number of dazzling projects before you decide to’ve also strike snooze.

10. They’ll deliver work residence (that is certainly the best thing). Bakers can not withstand employing their leisure time to try out different quality recipes and flavours in their own kitchens. Get fork at the prepared, because you can end up being their chief taste tester!

11. Hunt beyond the hairnets, it isn’t simply the ovens that are hot. Understanding your path around a kitchen is actually gorgeous and good food is everything about hedonism. Baking is actually pure pleasure your senses.

12. They truly are a dab hand with washing. Bakers’ overalls must be clean and thoroughly clean for cooking area, you simply won’t see them shirking washing duties.

13. They will have a sense of humour. Those off-the-wall novelty desserts result from the playful masterminds of some really cheeky bakers.

14. Make to-be handled like royalty. Wave good-bye to shop-bought cakes, you are going to get do-it-yourself birthday celebration cakes forever. As well as when it’s maybe not a unique event, your baker beau could make you feel so many bucks with snacks than you’ll be able to move a spatula at.

15. Perfection comes as standard. From a croquembouche to a loaf of sourdough, bakers would not desire helping right up any such thing lower than excellent. They have been purpose orientated and certainly will constantly guarantee they provide themselves their all.


Hummingbird Bakery delivers the real taste of home-baked United states cakes and sweets to your UK baked fresh through the finest quality components. Check out among their own six London branches or order on line.



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