Engaging young people in museums and wellbeing

How do you engage young people in
museums and wellbeing?

Speak their language.


The Lapworth Museum of Geology was looking to explore the link between museums and wellbeing by working with young people who would benefit from their wellbeing and resilience programme. Having worked with us for a number of years, The Lapworth approached us to design an identity for the exhibition and supporting materials, while also calling on our expertise to help shape the exhibition space itself.


We centred our creative concept around emojis as an effective form of emotional communication which can convey in a simple image what adults and children alike may struggle to express in words. As a visual language, it is also immediately recognisable and relatable for young people today.


We created a series of branded materials to accompany the new visual language used to engage a younger audience. The characters were a playful way of conveying serious messages and approaching difficult/serious topics.

Everything looks fantastic! Please pass on our huge thanks to everyone who has worked on this, we are really grateful for how quickly you have managed to put all our ideas onto paper.

- Aerona Moore, Learning and Engagement Officer, Lapworth Museum of Geology Tweet


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