Celebrating graduations during a lockdown

How you celebrate achievements during a lockdown?

Put on an online show.


The global pandemic meant that graduates could not take part in the traditional campus-based graduation ceremony that recognises their years of hard work and achievements. We were asked to create a virtual graduation celebration, that appropriately marked the end of this chapter of the students’ academic journeys.


We turned the traditional physical ceremony into a virtual event, looking at creating excitement and engagement ahead of the event, as well as post-event activities, so graduates could celebrate with friends and family. 


We created a coherent look and feel that delivered a modern, digital take on the traditional graduation. The design provided consistency across all channels of communications for graduating students, their families and friends. Graduands also had the opportunity to contribute to a digital year book to share their favourite memories and times at the University. On top of this, we also delivered over 100 films and a comprehensive range of social assets and printed items – including a bespoke Class of 2020 hoodie.


Visual Identity     Social Media     Print     Film

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