Fire safety animation

The client: University of Birmingham H&S Team

The brief

Historically, the University of Birmingham had an inconsistent approach to educating its staff members about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire. Sometimes they used powerpoint presentations in a lecture theatre, sometimes they used online quizzes. What they wanted was an informative animation, that very quickly and clearly explained fire safety procedures. The challenge was to bring a slightly dry subject to life without losing the message.


What we did

We took the traditional lecture-style delivery as inspiration, using an animated narrator to talk the audience through the fire safety animation. Taking the content’s central message that fire can be friend or foe, we created two fire characters and represented their battle, inspired by split-screen fighting video games of the 1980s. While the narrator explicitly conveyed the required message, the animated fire characters enacted the scene to enhance understanding. 


The results

The client was incredibly impressed with the completed film and reported that audience reaction and retention had increased to higher than industry standard levels. 

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