Virtually showing a university’s finest assets

How do you show the world your finest assets if people aren’t allowed to visit you in person?

Show them everything (virtually).


The University of Birmingham is aware that one of its strongest recruitment assets is its physical campus. The red-brick buildings, the modern library and research labs, the picturesque Green Heart and the buzz of being in a tranquil, enclosed study space just minutes from the centre of England’s second city. The University wanted to know how to showcase this experience in the middle of a global pandemic that restricted people’s movement and closed the doors on open days.

aerial campus shot


We felt the best way to get the Birmingham experience across was to show people. But static images only do so much. Using state-of-the-art 360-degree camera technology, we painstakingly captured virtually every square inch of the campus, indoors and out. Then we stitched it all together and posted it online as a virtual tour.

Campus 360


The official University of Birmingham virtual tour is now live and growing with new locations regularly.


Digital     Photography

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